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How I Self-Exiled to Preserve My Morality and Find Liberty

My personal story of fleeing the plague of corruption and bureaucracy in the post-Yugoslavia era.

What do you do when you grow old enough one day to realize that the society you were brought up in runs on deep institutionalized corruption? What do you do when the realization of your own dreams is dependent upon throwing your own moral principles out the window and playing in that same unethical game?

My story begins back in the Summer of 2005, just after I had completed a nine-year education in the United States and returned home in my native Bosnia and Herzegovina. Armed with two science degrees and four years of work experience, I was eager to be back at home, to look for opportunities and to begin changing the world around me.

"Let's Make Money" Documentary: Interesting and Informative, Wrong Conclusions

Just the other day on Croatian website I came across an Austrian documentary titled “Let's Make Money” (see below) that was produced in 2008. For some odd reason it didn't come to my attention much earlier. Though it is kinda late to comment on it, I feel the need to say a few things, especially because this film largely caters to the conventional collectivist wisdom that blames “greedy” capitalism for all the economic turmoils of today.


The Story of Your Enslavement

Stefan Molyneux: "We can only be kept in the cages we do not see. A brief history of human enslavement - up to and including your own." From Freedomain Radio, the largest and most popular philosophy conversation in the world.

translated and adapted by: Jelena Dedeić and Savo Gajić

transcript of Freedom and Prosperity TV site:

(video at bottom of article )

This is the story of your enslavement; how it came to be, and you can finally be free.



A Few Arguments for Market Competition in Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In one of my earlier posts under the name Public transportation for BiH students must be free. Really?, I had briefly touched upon the subject of education, by stating that the best way for the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina to help students is to dismantle the government monopoly in education and allow for market competition to deliver students the best education possible.


In this blog post I wish to share a recent exchange I had with a collectivist minded highschool professor about this same subject. The whole thing started completely innocently, by me forwarding an interesting article talking about how the neoliberal education system would look like, if we had it.


What characterizes an ideal man?

What would be an example of an ideal man? Famous writer and philosopher Ayn Rand was obsessed with this idea. She described two such men in her novels: Howard Roark in The Fountainhead, and John Galt in the Atlas Shrugged.

Here is an excerpt from movie The Fountainhead in which Howard Roark (acted by Gary Cooper) makes his defense speech, in which Ayn Rand's vision of the ideal man can be clearly seen. From the speech it can be concluded that he is definitely a libertarian.

- video translated by CowboyBebop2012 YouTube channel.


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