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How to Argue and Sell Liberty

Most of us aren't born good communicators and persuaders. It takes practice and experience to fully master these important skills. Here's a short list of suggestions to keep in mind when selling liberty:

Respect another individual, never insult or degrade another individual. Doing so will never help you make a convert out of anyone.

Listen to what the other side has to say, don't jump in while he or she is speaking, give individual the opportunity to explain his or her point of view.

Acknowledge the other individual's point of view. Ask questions about individual's point of view to help clarify and get a better perspective on individual's position.

Empathize with the individual, show that you care about and share same concerns in regards to the issues discussed.

Begin presenting libertarian solutions by first stating the desirable outcomes, it is very likely that your opposition will agree on it. Then start working your way into achieving those ideals by using libertarian methods and principles. Explain why freedom of choice is essential and how free market can deliver best goods and services, better than any government. Use practical every-day examples to prove the inefficiencies and failure of big government.

Few online resources on communicating the ideas of liberty:


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