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Achieving Prosperity in BiH

Key points summarizing the superiority of small government over big government:



The bad: Big Government


Socialism” is forceful redistribution of resources. It is unjust, inefficient, and wasteful form of big government.

Democracy” equals to rule of the peole - the majority rule, at the expense of minorities. It promotes inequality and nationalism.

Social Democracy” is socialism for the benefit of the majority.

Welfare State” is a characteristic of social democracy, designed to put government in charge of taking care of peoples' well being. Welfare state means “Big Government.”

Big government is a huge institution not answerable to anyone. It assumes that it, the government, is the master, and the people are its servants.

Theoretically, big government takes care of everyone, making sure everyone arrives at the finish line at the same time.

In reality, big government uses force to rob individuals of their freedom and their property. It stifles individual creativity, productivity, and desire for self improvement. Big government creates a nation of dependent individuals unable to take care of themselves.

Big government is expensive. It provides monopoly services which operate outside free markets, protected from competition. Big government restricts choices by outlawing competition and forcing people to use only government services. This enables government to provide lousy services and stay in business without any incentive for improvement. Infamous examples: public education, healthcare, and retirement.

Big government regulates economy and stifles private businesses' productivity and jobs creation.

Big government is extremely powerful and extremely corrupt. By wielding so much power, politicians are left with many favors to sell to the highest bidders.

Big government is nothing but tyranny and poverty!



The good: Small Government


The opposite of big government is “Small Government.” The opposite of tyranny and poverty is “Freedom and Prosperity.” Small government equals freedom and prosperity.

Small government is a tiny institution restricted to protecting life, liberty, and property.

Small government protects all individuals instead of serving majority and special interest groups.

Small government means maximum individual liberty and personal responsibility.

Small government is simple and cheap.

Small government is economical and effective.

Small government is accountable and responsible.

Small government means that power stays with the people, making government less prone to corruption and selling of special favors it does not have.

Small government enables and encourages self-reliance and creation of wealth.

Small government promotes individual creativity, voluntary cooperation, and productivity.

Small government promotes equality of opportunity, progress, and prosperity.

Small government leaves private businesses free to pursue creating wealth and new jobs.

Small government means individual freedom and prosperity for all!

Please make a selection from the topics listed below to learn more about why small government and freedom and prosperity is the only right solution for Bosnia and Herzegovina:

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