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Sloboda i Prosperitet BiH (en: Freedom and Prosperity of Bosnia and Herzegovina) is a nongovernment organization whose main goals are the promotion of classical-liberal / libertarian ideas of individual liberty, free market economics, and limited government in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The organization was officially launched in early 2010, with clear objectives of exposing the devastating policy of continuation of 60 years of socialist politics in our society, educating people about the alternative libertarian ideas and solutions which have enabled for creation of the world's most prosperous countries, and finally with the objective of waking up people's minds in creating new supporters and then gathering them and cooperating with them in further promoting the message of liberty.

At the time of our inception in 2010, we were the only organization promoting the true classical liberal (libertarian) ideas of Individual Liberty and Free Market Economics in socialist-minded Bosnia and Herzegovina.

People Behind This Project

We are independent-minded individuals concerned with the well being of our nation and its continuous excessive reliance on government for solutions to all our country's problems.

We at Campaign for Freedom and Prosperity in Bosnia and Herzegovina value individuals and their ideas, and have no preference for any ethnic, or religious groups of people. Our belief is that the best solutions to all the Bosnia and Herzegovina's problems are to be found in you, the individual, not in large, cost inefficient, socialist government bureaucracies and monopolies.

We want prosperity for our nation and bright future for ourselves and for our children, and history is a testament that the socialism and nationalism is not the way to achieve it. We are therefore resolute in our intent to expose and blast socialist and nationalistic ideas and policies which govern our nation, and we ask you to find out more and join the cause.

Please read section Big Government: the Cause of Bosnia & Herzegovina's Misery to find out more about why our organization exists and why spreading libertarian ideas is important to our country's future.


As an independent non-governmental organization whose principles do not allow funding from the state budget of Bosnia and Herzegovina, nor from the budget of any other level of government in Bosnia and Herzegovina, nor any of government of any other country, Campaign for Freedom and Prosperity in Bosnia for all of its work and activities solely relies on volunteer work of its members and on the financial support of private donors and related non-government organizations.

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