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Welcome Message From the Founder

Hi, my name is Jadranko Brkic (Yadranko Berkich), the founder of Campaign for Freedom and Prosperity in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I would like to welcome you to our website, and to tell you a little bit about reasons for the existence and about the work of our organization.

The Symptoms

The present political system and the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina has failed to serve the people and has brought ruin to the whole nation. Despite the fall of Soviet Union and SFRJ over two decades ago, we continue to believe and rely on socialism. Our big socialist government has intruded into all aspects of our lives, taking away our freedoms and fruits of our labor. In exchange, government has given us failed economy, unemployment of over 50%, and appalling social programs. Our economy is in disarray, suffocated by heavy government taxation of every dollar that gets transacted, and by regulating every business practice.

Corruption is rampant in all levels of our government, from police officers and town hall bureaucrats to the highest government officials. In its entire lifetime since the Dayton agreement in 1995 until today, government of Bosnia and Herzegovina has shown no intention of building a system of measures to police and improve its own actions and to become more efficient and accountable to the people.

Our incapable political parties in power put blame on each others for their failures. They always appear in disagreement over all government policies, giving a false impression that they are different from each other and that voters have choices. However their underlying philosophies and solutions are the same, nationalistic and socialist. The real disagreement is over which one of them should be in power, spending taxpayers' money. Political accusations and discussions over accusations therefore take precedence over taking care of Bosnia and Herzegovina's real problems. Parties in power openly exercise favoritism towards specific ethnic groups, while threatening others with wars, and spreading hatred and nationalism amongst the people.

All these facts laid out up to this point are not our problems, they are only the symptoms of Bosnia and Herzegovina's real problems.

The Real Problems

There are basically two interrelated problems responsible for the bad situation in our country. One problem is: citizens without power, disinterested in government. The other problem is: too-big and too-powerful government, disinterested in the people.

Having never had any power to make any influence on government, people have always been obedient servants of the state. So when it comes to politics and issues of government, most people don't pay any real attention to it. Overwhelming numbers of our citizens are apathetic, disinterested, and uninformed. People refuse to think for themselves, letting media formulate their political opinions for them. People refuse to take care of themselves, letting politicians spend their money and run their lives.

Many decades of of socialism has engraved belief in government as the great caretaker of the people. People see government as the answer to all their problems, thus always asking it to do something for them, yet completely unconcerned about possible negative consequences. As usual, politicians quickly oblige. Under the excuse of doing things for the people, they pass new laws and grant themselves even bigger powers. Having learned absolutely nothing from history, people quickly fall for empty promises of free handouts, and wilingly agree to new taxation and further loss of their freedoms. With new powers at hand, politicans quickly forget their promises and get busy selling their favors to highest bidders and helping themselves with taxpayers' money.

This is not to say that governments' actions are not well intended and that all politicians are bad. In fact, government programs are always intended for the good of the people, and most politicians are good people, with best possible intentions. However, both people and politicians often judge government programs by their intentions, and fail to judge them by their outcomes. We all know that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. So what may sound good to the ear, may not be in the country's best interest, and what may be an honest politician, may not produce policies with good outcomes.

And what happens when the government fails? People march on strikes and demand more money to be poured into failing government programs. It is a neverending story of growing the problem and fixing the symptoms. It is like a doctor giving cancer patient a pain killer to stop the pain, yet the cancer is still there. The cancer in this case is the big government, and history is a testament that government always does poorly.

When things turn for the worse and become unbearable, people call for storming the gates and kicking our incapable politicians out on the street. We've all heard that one before! There are certainly many citizens who are so fed up with our government today and would love to see this happen. They are not only completely unconcerned about what changes they would be getting, but they are also completely unaware that it is the citizens themselves who asked the government to do things for them in the first place. So to them any new government is better than the current one. However, history is full of examples filled with bloodshed, where people have raised and toppled one tyrant only to see another rise in his place. This is true even today, where citizens peacefully elect different parties in hope of changes. Yet nothing but tyrants ever changes, because people refuse to think for themselves. So history is bound to repeat itself, as the only thing that we ever learn from history is that we never learn from history.

The Need for Change

After all these years of pure neglect, stifling bureaucracy, and rampant corruption, it is clear that our government will not reform itself. Bosnia and Herzegovina is desperate for someone who will show us the new better way of doing things in government. The initiative for real change has to come from the people. If the people do nothing, things will remain the same. If people do nothing, they will continue to live in poverty and desperation, continuing to quietly leave the country in search of a better future, whenever they get their chance.

A Lesson From History

Freedom is an extremely rare occurence. Looking back at World history, it is hard to find a place on the globe which in the greatest part of its existence didn't live in tyrany. In its long and stormy history, the region of Bosnia and Herzegovina has never known anything else but tyrany, including the present time. In recent world history there has been only one political system in which people have been free and where the government has been their servant. Towards the end of 18th century, American founding fathers studied history and established a political system based on individualism, with maximum individual freedom and minimal government, a system which produced the freest and most prosperous country in the world today. It is by no means a perfect system, but it is superior to any other form of government that ever existed.

The Solution

As you must have already guessed it, the freedom is the necessary ingredient for the prosperity of a nation. We the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina are not free, we are servants of our tyrannical government. Perhaps our country could benefit by copying few key ideas practiced by America's founders?! Absolutely! It should be our country's goal to finally bring freedom to the hard working people of our country sometime in this 21st century.

What is needed for this to happen is for the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina to stop dreaming and start paying attention to politics. People need to come out of their apathy and understand that the big government is the problem and they, the people, are the solution. Only when it is widely understood that big government is a failed idea, and that people are the rightful masters and the government is their servant, can the real change come about. Only when people are free, will they be able to lift themselves into prosperity.

Means of Achievement

The first step towards achieving free and prosperous Bosnia and Herzegovina is to educate its ordinary citizens about that one thing they were denied for ages, individual freedom. Campaign for Freedom and Prosperity ( came to existence for this very purpose. We are a libertarian organization dedicated to educating people of Bosnia and Herzegovina about ideas of free society, individual freedom, free market economics, and minimal government.

Goals of our educational campaign are to bring our hard working citizens out of their apathy, and equip them with knowledge and courage to become the real instrument of change in government. To help them resist prepackaged propaganda of corrupt politicians and their allied media, and encourage them to form their own political views. To help people restore confidence and belief into themselves, to take back their rightful freedoms, to reduce the government to its proper role and make it responsible for all its actions. To encourage them to stop voting for smallest of evil, because it is still evil. To help them make the change they really deserve.

What we offer is the historic and factual truth about big government, and the solutions to all government problems from the perspective of the individual, as the only proper master of his life, his property, and his destiny.

Therefore it is up to each one of you to make up your own conclusions about everything our educational campaign for freedom and prosperity proposes, and then make decisions for yourself.

Call for Action

The fact that there is not a single political movement in Bosnia and Herzegovina that unapologetically defends the true principles of individual liberty and small government, makes our work that much more important and urgent. So all I ask of you is to invest some of your time and take a close look at the content of our website, to learn about libertarian perspective of our unbearable big government. Should you find the ideas of individual freedom and minimal government attractive, we ask of you to join us in our intellectual battle for hearts and minds of citizens, to help spread this infallible message of freedom, and to help direct Bosnia and Herzegovina on the road to prosperity. Thank You!

For Liberty,

Jadranko Brkic.

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