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Solidarity movement Occupy Sarajevo protesting against non-existent liberalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina

United Organization for Socialism and Democracy (JOSD) protested under the slogan "Occupy Sarajevo" against the so called neoliberal capitalism and greed of commercial banks. Danijal Hadžović, from Campaign for Freedom and Prosperity in Bosnia and Herzegovina blasted the event, calling the protest absurd for protesting against neoliberalism which never existed in this country to begin with. (15th October, 2011)


Nigel Farage: Isn't the EU quite as bad as the USSR, Mr Tusk?

Nigel Farage responding to Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk who said that we in the EU don't even know how lucky we are


Split: Money and Freedom (libertarian documentary from Croatia)

Just the other day we were informed about the existence of a new documentary that promotes libertarianism and Austrian school of economics. We checked it out and the following paragraphs contain our first impression.

"Split: Money and Freedom," is 85 minute long documentary created in May 2011 by an individual named Ante Zilic from Split, Croatia, and is available for viewing in seven parts on youtube. It was produced in English language but is also providing both English and Croatian subtitles as well. It contains a well researched narrative about many important subjects concerning government, economy, money, and human freedom. Closest other work that comes to mind is Money as Debt, also available on youtube.


Economic Freedom and Quality of Life

The following video attempts to show the positive relation between the high levels of economic freedom and good quality of life.


Lord Christopher Monckton: Unelected Bureaucrats are Creating EU Laws in Secret

Here is a part of the April 20th 2011 Alex Jones interview with Lord Christopher Monckton, explaining the process of how the unelected EU bureaucrats now make 83% of Europe's laws and almost completely in secret. Lord Christopher Monckton is a British politician, public speaker, and critic of the theory of anthropogenic-based climate change.