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John Bufton - EU propaganda machine joins in spinning web of lies

Speaker: John Bufton - European Parliament, Strasbourg - 7 September 2010


Nigel Farage - Illegal bailouts and treaty change lead to referendums

Speaker: Nigel Farage MEP, UKIP, European Parliament, Strasbourg-15 December 2010


Daniel Hannan - Subversion of Human Rights

Mr President,

In an appendix to 1984, George Orwell wrote a chapter on “Newspeak,” and he talked about how language could be vitiated and changed and thereby change our thoughts.


Daniel Hannan - The EU is stuck in the 1970s

Thank you Mr President.

Not for the first time in this chamber I feel like fallen through some kink in the space-time continuum, some warp or tunnel that has led me back to the 1970s.


Economic Spectrum - illustration

Interesting illustration of economic spectrum:

To the left is Austrian school of economics, in which the role of government in the economy is limited (Friedrich Hayek & Ron Paul).

Then the Monetarist school (J.P. Morgan, Ben Bernanke) and the Keynesian school (John Maynard Keynes, and Barack Obama), both characterised by big government spending. 

And finally at the end is the grand daddy of all big government, the Communist school of economics (Karl Marx, Kim Jong Il).