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Nigel Farage – The Euro Game is Up

Video and a transcript from European Parliament, Strasbourg - 24 November 2010



Road to Serfdom in Cartoons

The Road to Serfdom Friedrich Hayek (recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 1974) which had significantly shaped the political ideologies of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan and the concepts of ‘Thatcherism’ and of ‘Reagonomics’. The Road to Serfdom is among the most influential and popular expositions of classical liberalism and libertarianism.


Milton Friedman - Adam Smith and Invisible Hand

Milton Friedman talks about Adam Smith's well-known phrase "invisible hand," which was introduced in his famous book "The Wealth of Nations." In it, explains Friedman, Adam Smith explained how individuals doing productive work by pursuing only their own interests, are also ending up promoting interests of the society, as if they were lead by the "invisible hand."


Huge Government Spending is Leading Bosnia and Herzegovina to Its Destruction - Rahn Curve

Government spending can promote economic growth if money is used for core "public goods" such as rule of law and property rights.

But the burden of government spending in the United States and other industrialized nations is far higher than needed to finance such activities. Citing scholarly studies, this CF&P Foundation video examines the Rahn Curve, which graphically illustrates the negative impact of excessive government spending.


Bohinj Declaration

BohinjAn interesting piece of writing under the name "Bohinj Declaration" can be found on website  Bohinj is an alpine valley with a lake in Slovenia.  I assume that the declaration was first drafted and signed in Bohinj, thus the name Bohinj Declaration.  Besides English, the website is translated into all the major languages spoken in Balkans, to whose people declaration seems to be directed.